Colors of the sea

I would so love to have these sweet bakelite bangles from Mark Davis. The colors are just perfect for summertime at the beach - imagine the clackety sound of spinning them around your wrist while sipping an icy drink on the boardwalk. I feel the cool breeze already. At Barney's.



The Rimmed Diamond Shake Necklace from Renee Lewis is a beauty! The 18k white gold and crystal pendant is filled with white diamond "shake" and has antique natural pearl and diamonds formed into crescent shape. At Barney's.

Kerry Macbride

Kerry MacBride was only a teenager when his jewelry first appeared on the shelves of major department stores. Over the years, his distinctive designs have been available through Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Bloomingdales and more - but now he's started selling direct.

MacBride is not just a designer - he's a trained jeweler who makes the models and prototypes for all of his pieces. This lovely necklace, called the Ivy Link Collar, is 22 gold over bronze.


Secret Luxury for the Groom

You probably know the name Tacori from their beautiful wedding and engagement rings for women. However, the company also has some really interesting men's wedding bands that allow grooms to enjoy a bit of sexy - but secret - luxury. The fancy details, like diamonds and engraving, are located INSIDE the band and along the edge, or "shank," of the ring. Your guy can walk around feeling like a prince without worrying that he's coming off as too flashy. All designs are available in Platinum and 18K gold.

More Masterful Colors

Dee Antil Designs does some really cool color transitions. It's almost as if the designer switches to a different bracelet or necklace mid-stream. But oh, how good they look! 
Top: The Cool Necklace - faceted Carnelian pears with peanut-shaped peacock pearls and faceted pink-orange Chalcedony. Middle: The Southwest Bracelet - A Karen Hill Tribe silver disc with Sponge Coral, Turquoise, teal Chalcedony, and Poppy Jasper. Bottom: The Surprise Bracelet has rose-colored faceted Rhodonite and lime green Turquoise nuggets with Charoite and blue Turquoise.


Bead Salad

Now I ask you, how is it that some people can take a bunch of mismatched beads and come up with something amazing? Just talented, I guess. Check out these shockingly affordable ($14-18) bracelets from Kathy and Marjorie of Bead Salad.



These acrylic rings with gold and silver leaf from a Japanese company called, simply, Acrylic, combine modern and traditional Japanese forms.


La Dolce Vita

Love these very pretty rings from Dolce Jewels in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. On the left, gold, diamonds and rubies. Nice touch on what appears to be a little yellow gold accent around the ruby. Right: Tahitian pearl with diamonds, rubies and white gold.


Knit one, purl two

There are some intriguing knitted necklaces at the Hypho Shop on Etsy. "Hypho," according to the site, refers to an open but intricately woven structure in Greek. Top: Garnet Heat. Middle: Knitted mosaic of Garnet and Pearls. Bottom: Knitted Mosaic in Blue and Grey.


Fractal Fever

Math lovers - take note! Allegria Designs in Australia has created a line of pendants featuring fractal geometry images (Fractals help explain objects like ferns and snowflakes, where a pattern keeps repeating). Pick the shape of your pendant, pick your favorite fractal and voila!